About SupportMitra

SupportMitra is the focussed vertical of ConnectMitra Business Improvement System (Extension of VartaMitra Media) which offers support services. We offer one-stop solution for all vendor requirements of an organization that help them grow their business or become more efficient in their business processes.

The system is built on an Aggregator Model to allow multiple businesses to be connected with SupportMitra and provide services in which they are experts. Due care is taken while identifying and selecting the vendors for each solution or service we offer.

Our Advantage is that the system is managed by people who have extensive exposure in the industry and have had time tested experienced in the market. We have a Group of Well Qualified Experts and Seasoned Consultants that can facilitate every requirement with ease.

About ConnectMitra

A platform to ensure people meet, greet, exchange and build a brand & trust among people who can in-turn help to increase sales. We work on 3 beliefs namely

  • Every Person has something to Sell, Purchase or Connect
  • Every Business has an Audience to Sell
  • In Business 1 + 1 is always greater than 2

In Order to generate opportunities for business owners we provide various activities such as Locality Meets, Industry Forums, B2B & B2C Events, Delegations, Online Sales, etc.,

For More Information visit www.connectmitra.com

About VartaMitra

VartaMitra is a Multi-Lingual Digital Daily News Delivery System. We exists in Kannada and English and have a Mobile App and Web Portal to publish news.

VartaMitra is one of the Fastest growing online news portals clocking in around 4 lac views a month and we have readers in all the 216 taluks of Karnataka.

For more Information visit www.vartamitra.com